HIPIC'S commitment in bringing out the best of colours has resulted in the development of Colour Execellence Center. It comprises various features that we believe will aid you in producing the best colour solutions in the most efficient manner.

Colour Combination

Customise and combine your own colours using our tints for one-of-a-kind exclusive refinishing jobs for the discerning customers.


We don’t deny that the art of colour mixing can be a technical affair, with accurate mixing percentages playing a huge role in determining the accuracy of the colour needed. HIPIC’s paint mixing machine comes with unique advantages such as the patented Cone-Gear Drive structure and Can-Fixed Mode. This results in stable running, low noise, high reliability and easy maintenance.

With the right combination of tints, you can never go wrong with this machine.

Colour Solution

With HIPIC’s products covering the whole spectrum from putty to polishing compound, we provide the ultimate colour solution for all your needs, without having to worry about colour inconsistencies and inaccuracies.


Used in conjunction with the colour mixing machine, the digital weighing scale delivers accurate measurements up to a gram.

Intelligent and efficient, it’s the perfect solution when used with HIPIC’s mixing machine for unmatched colour precision.

Colour Imagination

With more than a 100 tints in our arsenal, the number of colours you can produce are limited only by your imagination.


HIPIC has developed more than 100 universal tints of colours that can be used to mix an almost unlimited spectrum of colours. Our tints are a result of extensive research on automotive trends from the latest models available in the market today.

Without doubt, the number of colours you can produce are limited only by your imagination.

Colour Inspiration

All our tints and colours are inspired by current automotive trends and needs. We ensure that our paints are available for the widest makes and models of vehicles in the market today.

HIPIC’s colour fandeck contains one of the most comprehensive colour catalogue for almost all makes and models of automobiles in the country. From the common to the obscure, you will never be at a loss for colour inspirations whenever a car pulls up at your paintshop.

All formulations have been tested extensively for accuracy to guarantee satisfaction.

Colour Selection

All colour selection is done based on current automotive trends and needs. You will never run out of colours with HIPIC.


Keeping pace with the automotive industry is never easy with new models being released ever so frequently. Every new model comes with new colour options that will be added to our expanding colour library. That is why we provide our dealers with the most updated colour formulations in the form of additional fandecks.

Colour updates are done whenever necessary to ensure we are always ahead of the competition. We aim to provide the most extensive colour selections in the market.

Colour Creation

We create colours that not only looks good, but lasts a long time as well. We take pride in the materials that we use are of the highest grade and quality.


We at HIPIC understand that the best paint jobs require the best expertise in terms of formulation, mixing and spraying. As part of our support initiative, all of our dealers and distributors are provided with extensive training both in theoretical and hands-on experience.

Colour Connection

When used in combination with our specially formulated primers, clear coats and base coats, you can be rest assured of quality finishes that last.


HIPIC’s call centre provides one of the best after sales service to both our customers and dealers.

Manned by automotive colour professionals, you can be assured all your questions will be answered; from colour formulations, paint maintenance to washing and polishing.

Our call centre is a result of our customer-centric approach to our business. We maintain that customer satisfaction is what drives us to keep improving and moving forward; with the call centre being the connection to our customers

Colour Innovation

Our products are a result of constant innovation and research, delivering best in class, easy-to-use systems.


HIPIC’s colour chart provides instant access to all our tints for easy mixing and formulation. Colour swatches are specially spray-painted with our actual tints to give the most accurate representation.

Customise and combine your own colours for one-of-a-kind exclusive refinishing jobs for your discerning customers using the colour chart. As purveyors of automotive colours, we encourage innovation to bring the best out of our products.

Colour Illusion

HIPIC clearcoat, polishing and glaze products provide the protective layer that will make any paint job look like new. And we all know that the illusion of “new-ness” is always a good thing.


HIPIC’s Tinting Guide offers a time-saving way to reference the various tints available in our library for accurate mixing. With actual colour swatches embedded in the guide, actual colour effects and illusions can be seen. Included in the guide are descriptive characteristics of each tint, providing detailed information for an accurate match.

Colour Intelligence

Our Colour Excellence Centre is an intelligent application that facilitates fast and accurate colour matches. Its easy-to-use interface ensures that your time is spent where it is most needed - the refinishing process itself.


With a vast spectrum of colours available for your choosing, we developed an intelligent application that facilitates fast and accurate colour matches. Setting up is a breeze with just a reasonably powerful PC needed to get you started.

The Digital Colour Retrieval system has an easy-to-use interface that ensure your time is spent where it is most needed, which is the physical refinishing process. Colour intelligence at its best.