Automotive coating is all about quality finishes that bring out the best in any surface. We at High Performance Coating know best as the company is helmed by a team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in the industry.

It is with this combined expertise that we are now specialists in the field of automotive refinishes and paint manufacturing; offering comprehensive colour solutions and systems.

From research and identification right up to manufacturing, our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.



Our vision is to develop the smartest and most efficient way to refinishing without compromising on quality. We intend to achieve our vision through extensive research and development, training and of course listening to our customers.

High Performance Coating’s vision is reflected in our company’s culture where we encourage innovation and knowledge seeking in improving and realizing our long-term objectives. To date, our success lies in these core principles in bringing our company forward.



Our success also lies also in our ability to implement effective initiatives that propel us to achieve operational excellence, environmental consciousness, and quality service with the lowest cost position possible.

High Performance Coating delivers a comprehensive system of universal tints and binders that combines to deliver exciting new colour capabilities and superior matches.

Because of this, our HIPIC brand of concentrated universal tint systems is now one of the most preferred products in South East Asia.

This has enabled us to spread our wings into the ASEAN region with offices in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Our Nebula brand of balance tint systems in Indonesia has garnered very positive reviews in the automotive industry.



Although our products are best known for its automotive uses like cars, truck and buses; HIPIC is has also proven to be versatile in various other applications. These include trains, small planes and even boats. HIPIC is tough enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions in our tropical regions.

HIPIC’s versatility also extends to industrial applications where our paints stand up to chemicals, high temperatures, fluids and even machine oils. HIPIC is the best finish to keep machinery looking like new with the least maintenance cost.

It is without doubt that HIPIC is the paint of choice when it comes to smart, efficient refinishing with the best value.



In automotive industry today, the exterior finish is the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a vehicle. The quality and durability of the exterior depends very much on the factory’s OEM finishes itself. OEM is the term utilized essentially to describe the paint that comes common on a vehicle when it is bought new. There are literally much more than 75,000 OEM colors in the market place some of which were developed more than 100 years ago as the automotive industry was born. OEM paint is generally baked on at reasonably high temperatures.

Through a wide array of colors and effects, HIPIC’s refinishes offer the opportunity to refresh and or customize vehicles at a relatively high quality and durability to protect and maintain the vehicle’s value. Whilst the chemistry of the paint may not be identical when refinishing your car, HIPIC Refinish Paint and Standard Refinish Application Procedure ensure that the results of colour and quality are naturally identical to OEM’s highest standard.

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